Made for Ludum Dare 41 !

You are Vaughn Helsing, the largely unknown and much less impressive vampire and werewolf hunter. You've heard rumor of a legendary weapon to fight against the undead horde hidden at the heart of a large vampire infested castle.

Ill-equipped and woefully outnumbered, you set out on this turn-based and truly terrifying adventure.

Ludum Dare 41 theme: "Combine 2 Incompatible Games"
Survival Horror and Turn-based Gameplay

W,A,S,D - Turn and move (only movement takes a turn)
Space - Fires gun.

Walking into enemies is an instant death, unless you are carrying a wooden stake, which instead results in immediate death to the enemy you encounter.


Norris : Programming, Music, Some Sound Effects, and Level Design

David : Programming, Level Design

Jim : Programming, Art


Download 32 MB
Helsing (Windows).zip 17 MB

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